Monday, May 25, 2015

Western Union renews tie-up with India Post.

Global money transfer major Western Union today said it has renewed its 14-year-old partnership with India Post, which is now in the race to become a payments bank.
After the renewed agreement, nearly 10,000 post offices will continue to serve as Western Union agents, it said in a statement here without revealing the tenure of the agreement.
People can continue to receive money sent from other locations through post offices, it added.

“India Post is a name to be reckoned with when seeking consumer trust, reliability and reach. Through India Post, we are able to provide financial access to millions of people across the country with utmost convenience,” Western Union Managing Director Kiran Shetty said.
The Department of Posts is among 41 entities and individuals who are in the race to enter the soon to be introduced payments banking domain. It had earlier applied for universal bank licence, but there was some rethink on part of the government.
Last week, Reserve Bank Deputy Governor SS Mundra had said the central bank hoped to issue the licences to eligible small and payment candidates by the end of the year. The applications were submitted early February.
Globally, Western Union has tie-ups with over 100 postal organisations around the world.
It has a network of 1.11 lakh agents in the country, of which 9,942 are post offices.
(Courtesy:- This article was published on May 25, 2015 )

Network-connected handheld devices for postal delivery soon.

  The Department of Posts (DoP) is likely to soon start a Rs 1,370-crore mega project that will allow India's 1.3 lakh postmen in rural regions to use network-connected handheld terminals for postal delivery.

The project, awarded last year to a consortium that includes state-run Telecom Consultants of India (TCIL), system integrator Ricoh India and Hyderabad-based VisionTek, which provides handheld devices, was delayed due to unavailability of components.Big IT companies such as HP and Wipro were also in the running for the contract rolled out by the ministry of communications & information technology. "Based on terminal devices on network, the DoP initiative is likely to happen later this month. The project was delayed as the private company took time to deliver the components," TCIL's chairman and managing director Vimal Wakhlu told ET.

The devices will have a biometric module to authenticate an individual's identity using the Aadhaar number, solar-powered panel for charging terminals and a thermal printer to instantly print receipts.

"This is completely an indigenous project, including devices and components, and strengthens the concept of 'Make in India'," said Wakhlu.

The initiative is aimed at preventing postal losses and minimising procedural delays. The service will require a digital signature of the addressee that can be automatically transferred to a central server and an acknowledgement sent to the person.

TCIL is roping in state-owned telecom operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd for providing network connectivity.

The movement of postmen can be tracked using GPS on this device. It will help monitor the entire system and ensure more efficiency as post offices play a vital role in India's rural economy, Wakhlu said. "This programme is a step towards financial inclusion of the people of rural India as it will facilitate financial transactions. Money can be delivered and accepted through this device, with proper bank account and receipts delivery," he said.

Ricoh will act as the systems integrator, managing installations, maintaining hardware and supplying peripheral devices for the project.

"We have won the Rs 1,370-crore contract from DoP for the supply of hardware solutions under the department's modernisation initiatives. Ricoh will be providing maintenance services for rural ICT devices for a period of five years," said Ricoh India's managing director Manoj Kumar.


Monday, May 18, 2015

FAQ - Saving Account Issues : Finacle Solution.


(i) How to see balance in SB Account at the time of deposit and withdrawal

Solution:- Please see below screen shot.

Many POs raise the issue of BBT (Balance before transaction) in Finacle like legacy system. When HTM is invoked, available balance and effective available balance can be viewed. Effective available balance is the eligible amount of withdrawal.

(ii) What to do when cheque issued in Finacle is presented for withdrawal but not recognized by Finacle CBS?

Issue noticed in one of CBS Post Office in Account number 0289818958  where instrument number 805380 was presented.
Solution :  When the cheque book is issued through the menu HCHBM, the radio button Acknowledge should be clicked as Yes.  The issue was resolved by acknowledging the cheque through the menu HCHBM- Function Acknowledge and then verifying using the function Acknowledge and Verify the same.

(iii) How to convert existing SBGEN (non cheque) account to SBCHQ (cheque account) ? 

First the account should be transferred to the SB cheque scheme using the menu HACXFRSC by PA. Supervisor has to verify the same.  Then through the CASBAM menu option the account should be modified to allow cheques. Again, Supervisor has to verify the modification.

(iv) Account Not Getting Closed. Error GR3 is coming.


This issue occurs if the account being closed is the interest credit account for some other account e.g MIS or SCSS or TD account. To check to which account this is linked, the user can check the transactions in the account being closed in the menu HACLI. The interest transactions will show the account number to which the account being closed is linked as shown below
If the closure account is Interest Credit Account, go to Account Modification menu for that linked account. Change the Interest Credit Account to some other account and then proceed closing this account.

(v) Dormant SB account closure issue

Dormant means Silent
Issue Reported : Since the SB account being closed is dormant, the account closure transaction is not verified and gives error.
The closure process has to be cancelled and the account status to be modified to Live before closing it.
a)     Cancel the closure operation in HCAAC menu. While cancelling an user info will be shown that the transaction has to be manually reversed.   After the cancel operation in HCAAC, the transaction has to be deleted in HTM.
b)    If the account has to be closed , then  after cancelling the transaction in HTM menu by selecting Modify function thru menu CASBAM.
c)     Modify the account status of the SB account from Silent to Live and verify it
d)    Close the account now in HCAAC and verify it.

(vi)  Even after deleting RD Standing Instructions using HSSIM menu, Savings account is not allowed to close.

After deleting the instruction serial number in teller, same has to be verified in supervisor. Then only closure can be done.

(vii)  Trial closure for SB and PPF accounts

There is no Trial Closure for SB and PPF. However, to see closing interest, following process is to be followed:-
Ø  It involves two components-Closing accrued Interest for completed months and balance outstanding in the account.
Ø  To know the closing accrued interest till date (for completed months) the user has to execute HACACCR menu and see the Report either in HPR or through HAITINQ menu.

HACACCR menu execution

Enter the A/c Id, wait for the name of depositor to appear. Compare name of depositor to ensure that correct account number is entered. Keep the field 'From Date' as blank and  Enter BOD date in the field ' To date' and submit as shown in the screen shot below:

Ø  This will generate a report HPR .
Ø  The closing accrued interest will be arrived after rounding off the amount shown in HPR  to next rupee. The total amount to be paid to depositor will be arrived at by adding the balance in the account shown in HACLI/HACCBAL Menu option and the closing accrued interest.
Ø  This amount is to be shown to depositor who wants to close the account. If he agrees, actual closure has to be done.
Ø  In case SB7A is received from BO for closing sanction of a Savings Account, this amount is to be entered in SB7A by Supervisor with the remarks on the top that "This sanction is valid up to last working day of the current month" . Sending the closing sanction to BO should be avoided in the last week of the month.

(viii)  Interest Accrual enquiry using HAITINQ

The interest accrual enquiry can also be done using the Finacle menu HAITINQ. On navigating the menu HAITINQ and providing the A/C Id., the interest details would be displayed:

Speed post services more reliable and faster than private couriers, says CAG

 In a rare observation coming from the official auditor, the Comptroller and Auditor General has appreciated the functioning of the postal department. The reason: deliveries of speed post letters which are more reliable and faster than private courier services. 

Delivery of letters by speed post ranged from 1-9 days in major cities with 99% chances of letters reaching addressees. In comparison, the private courier services turned out to be less reliable with 92% test check letters reaching destination, and time taken ranged from 1-10 days. 

A CAG report, tabled in Parliament recently, has said that the performance of speed post has been better than the private couriers in major cities, at the tehsil level and at village level. 

In order to compare the performance and quality of speed post service with private courier agencies for delivery of mails, a test check was conducted by CAG in eight postal circles -- Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Checks were conducted by posting hundreds of letters. 

As far as delivery performance was concerned, it was found that 98% letters were delivered by speed post in local areas as compared to 93% by private couriers. In major cities, the delivery performance by speed post was 99% as compared to 92% of private couriers. At the tehsil level only speed post could reach 100% addressees that too within 1-7days. Private couriers could only deliver 83% letters and time ranged from 1-23 days. 

"Based on the results, it could be concluded that the speed post service of the department of posts (DoP) was better than the services provided by the private courier services," the auditor said. 

Speed post service was introduced in 1986 to provide a fast and time-bound delivery service in major cities. However, due to late delivery of mails people had stopped relying on the department for timely-delivery of documents. Still, speed post services account for more than 10% of the total revenue of DoP. 

In the test check, the auditor had posted 284 letters by speed post and 287 by different private courier services. The performance was judged based on the number of letters sent, letters actually delivered, and time taken for delivery of test letters by speed post as well as private couriers.

Courtesy:-The Times of India

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Clearing the eMO log file problem - Solution provided by CEPT, Mysore.

For clearing the bulky eMO log file CEPT, Mysore has provided a solution. The solution as provided is as follows:

Please run the attached solution using script tool and clear the log

India Post to open 500 ATMs.



Chief Postmaster General, Tamil Nadu Circle, M.S. Ramanujam, (right) and Postmaster General - Western
 Region, Manju P. Pillai (second right) at the inauguration of Post Office Savings Bank ATM in Coimbatore.

    India Post plans to open 500 ATMs this financial year in the State for Post Office Savings Bank customers, M.S. Ramanujan, Chief Postmaster General, Tamil Nadu Circle, told presspersons here on Wednesday.
Inaugurating an ATM at Coimbatore Head Post Office, he said that six ATMs were operational in the State already. Over 600 post offices in the State are covered under core banking services and the remaining would also be brought under core banking by the end of March next year.
Almost 60 per cent of postal savings bank customers are in rural areas. All the head post offices in the district head quarters in the State would have an ATM.
For now, customers can withdraw maximum of Rs. 25,000 a day and Rs. 10,000 per transaction.
Manju P. Pillai, Postmaster General, Western Region, said that of the 600 post offices in the western region, 130 have been covered under core banking so far. ATMs will be opened soon in Erode head post office and Bhavani head post office.
The region had 69 lakh live savings bank accounts and 12 lakh of these were opened in 2014-2015.
According to a press release from the department, customers who have minimum balance of Rs. 5,000 and have an account at the respective head office can apply for an ATM card and they will get the card in a month. The ATM will work from Monday to Saturday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Ms. Pillai said that within a month the ATMs will be operational 24 hours on all days.
Mr. Ramanujan said that under the Sukanya Samriddhi scheme, 6.12 lakh accounts were opened in Tamil Nadu in a month. The department has also launched special service for delivery of products within two days to customers who place orders on e-commerce portal. Initially, it has tied up with Amazon for this, he said.


Friday, May 15, 2015

Money Order service in tact, says India Post.

  India Post has lashed out on its competitors by stating that 'sponsored negative publicity campaign' has resulted in rumors being spread that the department has shut its age-old money order service.
"It has been noticed that since the last few weeks news items have been repeatedly appearing in Hindi and other regional newspapers regarding alleged discontinuation of money order services by the Department of Posts. This appears to be a sponsored negative publicity campaign," read a statement issued by the department.
"Only videsh money order service has been discontinued. Other money order services provided by the department are still there," said Ashok Kumar Dash, chief post master general, Maharashtra circle. In fact, attempts are being made by the department to remit money order though internet. In the recent past, the time taken to transmit money order has been reduced due to electronic mode of transmission.
"There are plans that in future hand-held devices will be used to further cut down on transit time and also to provide signature and thumb impression to the sender. The image will be scanned and the sender can check it online," added Dash.
A sizeable number of individuals still continue to book money order, some of those include daily-wage earners at urban areas, to send money back home. Those who want to do charity by donating money to charitable organisations or religious institutions too use the service.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

India Post starts e-commerce centre for handling deliveries.

 NEW DELHI: To cash in on growing online shopping trend, India Post Delhi circle will start its e-commerce centre from Monday
"Considering the rapid growth of e-commerce business in the country in the recent past, the Department of Posts, through Delhi Postal Circle has taken up a project to establish the e-commerce Centre at Safdarjang, New Delhi," an official statement said today.
This processing centre will handle exclusively all the e-commerce business.
"The e-commerce Centre at Safdarjang, New Delhi is to be dedicated to the Nation by Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon'ble Minister of Communications and Information Technology on 11th May 2015," the statement said.
The centre is capable of handling 30000 parcels or articles per day and parcels collected from the e-commerce customers, processed and dispatched within 24 hours to respective destination through quickest available flight or train, as the case may be.
"The leading e-commerce customers, Amazon, Paytm, Yepme, Snapdeal, etc are already availing the benefits of fast, reliable and safe processing of their e-commerce parcels at the newly established e-commerce Centre at Safdarjang in New Delhi," the statement said.
India Post will also launch a mobile application for Android phones that will help people in real time tracking of accountable articles, post office search, postage calculator, etc through Mobile Phone. 

Now track Your Mail Location with India Post's Mobile App

CHENNAI: In a bid to make the postal service customer-friendly, the Indian postal department on Monday launched the India Post mobile app that would enable one to track speed post, electronic money orders and parcels sent through the postal service.
The citizen-centric Android Mobile application of Department of Posts was developed by Centre for Excellence in Postal Technology. A postal department official said that through the mobile application, the user can track his mail or parcel besides conduct a search for post office.
The tracking facility is made available on this mobile app for speed post, registered letter, insured letter, value payable letter, insured value payable letter, registered packets, registered periodicals, registered parcel, insured parcel, value payable parcel, insured value payable parcel, business parcel, express parcel and electronic Money Order (e-MO)
The user can track these by entering the articles number and touching the Track button.
The mobile app user can also get information about list of post offices by entering first four character of the name of the Post office or by entering the Pin code of the office. Even information like name of the post office, street address (location), contact details (where ever available) for the selected post office are available for the user.
The name of the Division and contact details of the Divisional Superintendent, details of Regional Postmaster General and the Chief Postmaster General will also displayed in the application, he said.
The app also has the feature to calculate the Postage (tariff) to be paid for all types of articles based on the weight entered by the user. The unique feature of the Postage Calculator is that a single query leads to the display of tariff chargeable for ordinary letter, speed post, domestic post, registered letter ordinary parcel, registered parcel, registered book pack etc depending on the distance between the two points .
Besides, the app also has features where users can check the premium payable for various types of postal or rural postal life insurance policies on the basis of the input entered. The app also shows the interest rate for savings scheme like Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, recurring deposit, time deposit (1 year, 2 year, 3 year and 5 year), monthly income scheme, senior citizen savings scheme and National Savings Certificate. It can be downloaded from 


Friday, May 1, 2015

Issues in EOD and corrective actions in DOP Finacle.

  • Generally after clearing al the blocking validation we will perform EOD(End Of Day) in DOP Finacle.
  • EOD in DOP Finacle is of three steps
  1. HSCOD


  • This is the first step in EOD operation which includes the following SOL Status they are


  • This is the second step in EOD operation which includes the SOL Status as


  • This is the third and final step in EOD operation which include the SOL Status as 
  • For all steps EOD event status should be "
  • But we will face some of the techincal issues while performing the said three steps and corrective measures are mentioned below
Issues faced in First step of EOD and corrective action at Office level:
Based on SOL status Inquiry report ( Menus- HSSI / EODMON) as detailed below, correction action to be taken as noted against each
SOL Status
Closure status
EOD event Status
Action to be done by Supervisor / System Admin / EOD user 
EOD event not in progress
(1) Check for pending transactions in HFTI ( transactions), HAFI ( Account opening), HIMC ( Inventory authorisation), HICHB ( Inventory - Issue of cheque book), HMICZ (Inward clearing zone) and clear  them (2) Alternatively, Invoke HPR menu with the same user who  executed HSCOD and check for validation report to know the blocking validations or failure reason  (3) After clearing pending transaction, EOD user has to rerun HSCOD
SCOD running for unusual  time
Report the matter to CPC
EOD event not in progress
Rerun HSCOD with tick mark at "Run only post date batch jobs"
Issues faced in 2nd and 3rd step of EOD execution and corrective action at CPC level:
Based on SOL status Inquiry report ( Menus- HSSI / EODMON)as detailed below, correction action to be taken as noted against each
SOL Status
EOD event Status
Action to be done by CPC
SCOD running for unusual time
Report the matter to  EOD support team of Infosys with EODMON screenshot of respective office
SOLCOP running for unusual time
Report the matter to  EOD support team of Infosys with EODMON screenshot of respective office
Check HPR  of EOD user for failure report. CPC can rerun HSCOLD and regenearate failure report. If any  unverified transaction exist, report to  EOD Support team of Infosys / CEPT for unblocking
Check HPR  of EOD user for failure report.  If failure is because of not executing of PSSCD / any other batch job, report the matter to EOD support team of Infosys
EOD event not in progress and Not running HSCOLD
Check HPR  of EOD user for failure report.  If failure is because of " Processes logged on with previous date". Use HSAC
SCOLD running for longer time
Report the matter to  EOD support team of Infosys with EODMON screenshot of respective office