Friday, September 24, 2010

STEPS TO FORMAT already installed counter Vista System to Windows XP for iMO installation :

STEPS TO FORMAT already installed counter Vista System to Windows XP for iMO installation :

Note down the system name and ip address

Exit the emo client epayment client and speed net communication and
Copy the emo client, epayment client, ems client, drop box & data transfer folder to server System.

Microsoft xp service pack 2
Restore DVD of latest supply system
Insert restore DVD
In the end select windows XP as OS and load OS. Give the old name of the computer as system name.
Configure the IP address

Connect the system to domain..use mycomputer…> properties..>

Network id ,before this note down the passowords of system and postmaster.



2.SET in trusted sites.


4.Login as supervisor Register the machine, create users.

5.Login as user one by one, change password. Register machine. And give the password to SPM.

Install laser jet printer,passbook printer and dot matrix printer Drivers.
Passbook printer driver is IBM –proprinter II. Set the passbook printer settings

Install meghdoot 6.6(all applications)

Copy meghdoot service pack 1 and pointofsale update 4
Point of sale PA Tools weighing machine tick remove.
Install speed net communication and speed net 3.1.1
After instaling emo communiation, epayment communiation and

Speed net communication, copy the folders of same from server to node

Share the ems client folder full.

Register certificates available in emo client, epayment client

And speednet communicaiton folder.
And run all communication modules.
Set scheduled task to run emo client and epayment client.

Create backup folders in their older name. And share fully

Install sanchay post ver 6.5
Copy patch of sanchay post

Install and configure bridge plug-in and copy patches of bridge
Install agent register.
Install drop box
Copy the data transfer folder and give short cut to desktop.
Install office 2007
DB analyser
Web cam software
Ips web patch type ips web address and give training if not given

Zero balance patch
Md patch latest
Rd bulk updation.
Team viewer
Xp service pack 3( if time permits)

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