Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SPEEDNET 3.1.2 - REVISION UPDATE - 15/12/2011 :



SpeedNet 3.1.2 - Revision Update - 15/12/2011 :

Purpose of Release:

1.Revised Communication Module with customisation in message handling and new messages.
Message data retention period is extended to one month from the present 7 days.
  Communication Module Version and revision date will be visible in Module's Main form.

2.KPI-RTS Issue - Delivery -> Dispatch Option fine tuned with additional check for RTS
and Redirection for which article is to be dispatched.

3.Flat Rate Box Booking data fetch from POS to SpeedNet through Network ( In earlier
version - it was collected through collection of Articles with Booking Data-option
in SpeedNet for dispatching the same )

4 Latest Version details printed in Dispatch and Delivery Reports

5.BNPL Customer Master entry can be configured with SPARM Account Number. Please read
  the document on this in Documents Folder of the Release -13.SPAM Facility – Overview.

6. Collection Agent Module :Provision to implement limitation on commission to OSA for franked articles vide BD Dte OM NO. 2-17/96-BD & MD dated 17.11.2011

7.MNOP-Hub-Master-Data: Latest revisions to Hub Master are available in this release.

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