Friday, July 6, 2012


One day when I started the server I got a message. Microsoft SQL server not starting. While Restarting the SQL server it is not possible. Mostly SQL Server is not starting because master database is corrupted. Since SQL server is not started we cant restore the master database.
If you have SQL Server 2000 CD then you can restore the master database. Insert the SQL SERVER 2000 CD. Then go to
MY Computer-----
C DRIVE------Program Files-------Microsoft SQL Server-----------80-----------Tools----------Binn---------rebuildm.exe
Double click on rebuildm.exe then you have to show the path of DATA folder from the CD
(ie Browse the CD open the folder---*86--------DATA)
After this you can connect/ start SQL server. Then restore the master database with the backup(Previous Days). Then you can re start Sql server 2000. and start working all the Applications

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