Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Parental control softwares

iProtectYou has been designed to allow parents to control their children’s internet activities. It allows to filter websites which the children can visit and block e-mails or the messages with inappropriate words. For that, it offers to the user many options: to set level of restrictions, opened files over the web, application list, recording time, etc. In order to set these restrictions, it is possible to specify distinct reasons, key words, filter criteria and modify the inappropriate word list. The program is already provided with a preselected list of unwanted sites and key words. Of course, it is possible to publish or add an entry according to your specific needs at any time.
Editor : SoftForYou
Release : 8.62
O/s : Windows 2000, XP, Vista
License : Shareware

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For latest version of iProtectYou 8.8

iProtectYou 8.8 [ Free to try (14-day trial) ]
The iProtectYou Internet filtering and parental control software program enables you to fully control your child’s online use, thus preventing your child from being exposed to the inappropriate, harmful and dangerous aspects of the Internet.
In addition, this program enables businesses to limit and control their employees access to the Internet and to any programs

Free to try (14-day trial)
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