Wednesday, March 27, 2013

VP Intimation v2.0 - Tool for Preparation of Intimation Slip VPL/VPP/EPP

Installation Procedure:

  • Download Intimation Installer using below link.
  • Open intimation installer, it will install program silent mode and create Shortcut on your desktop.
  • Configure server information, Now ready to use.

  1. No need to invoice VP article information Separately.
  2. VP Article information fetched from  databases.
  3. BO configuration also available. To configure BO Click on Branch Office.
  4. EPP Commission Calculation were corrected.
  5. BO VPP fetching error were corrected.
  6. Send feedback easier by using your gmail username and password.
  7. Intimation installer create Shortcut Desktop and Start up application programs.

To Download v2.0:

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