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Prepared by Rajendar

Answers for LGO Exam Paper-I English and Grammar with explanations:

26. This pen writes (A)/ very well (B)/but it costed me 100 rupees (C)/No error (D)

27. There were (A)/ hardly no trees left (B)/ just bare rocky land (C)/ No error (D)
Ans. (B)

28. The magician turned_________ a big black cat
A. By                      B. In       C. into                  D. With
Ans. (C)         

29. Ram died_________ over work and exhaustion
A. From                                B. Of      C. By                      D.With
Ans. ((A)

30. Successive (same meaning)
A. Consequently              B. Consecutive C. Beneficiary    D. Victory
Ans. (B)

31. Fatal (same meaning)
A. Deadly             B. Factual            C. Poisonous      D. Fearful
Ans. (A) and (C)

32. Bury (opposite meaning)
A. Embed            B. Exhume          C. Conceal           D. Allow
Ans. (B)

33. Incentive (opposite meaning)
A. Deterrent      B. Bait                  C. Intention        D. Sensation
Ans. (A)

34. Once in a blue moon
A. Very rarely    B. When there is a full moon C. Frequently D. None of these
Ans. (A)

35. My bedroom is warm and comfortable
A. Neat                B. Untidy             C. Cosy                                 D. Beautiful
Ans. (C)

36. Diana spoke in a quiet voice to her friend
A. Yelled              B. Whispered     C. Jumped           D. Called
Ans. (B)

37. That which cannot be corrected
A. Unintelligible                B. Indelible         C. Illegible           D. Incorrigible
Ans. (B)

38. List of business or subjects to be considered at a meeting
A. Schedule        B. Timetable       C. Agenda           D. Plan
Ans. (C)

39. A. Indulgence B. Leisure        C. Exercize          D. Mandatory
Ans. (C)

40. A. Collage B. College C. Colleague D. Commerciel
Ans. (D)

41. A. Fishery B. Vocobulary C. Alphabetical D. Consonant
Ans. (B)

42. This shirt cannot be worn by me any longer:
 A) I cannot wear this shirt any longer.
B) Wearing of this shirt any longer cannot be by me.
C) This shirt is too worn out to be worn any longer.
D) This worn out shirt cannot be worn any longer.
Ans. (A)

43. A lion does not eat grass, however hungry he may be:
A) Grass is not eaten by a lion, however hungry he may be.
B)  Grass is not being eaten by a lion, however hungry he may be.
C) Grass is eaten not by a lion, however hungry he may be.
D) Grass is being not eaten by a lion despite being hungry.
Ans. (A)

44. The small child does whatever his father was done:
A. Has done        B. Did                   C. Does                                 D. Had done
Ans. (A)

45. He is too important for tolerating any delay
A. to tolerate     B. to tolerating C. at tolerating D. with tolerating
Ans. (A)

46. Why did you not threw the bag away?
A. Did you not throw      B. Had you not threw C. Did you not thrown D. You did not thrown
Ans. (A)

47. Distribute the sweets __________the two boys
A. At      B. Between        C. Among            D. From
Ans. (B)

48. Though he is poor ________he is honest
A. But    B. Yet   C. And   D. Because
Ans. (--) see explanation

49. The darkest cloud has _________silver lining
A. An     B. A        C. The   D. One

50. The rose is _________ sweetest of all flowers
A. The   B.A        C. An     D. One

Q.No.27 hardly means only just/almost not, used in negative sense so in the question “no” is not necessary
Correct sentence is “There was hardly any trees left just bare rocky land”

Q.No.29 Died of: followed by some disease. e.g. He died of lung cancer.
                Died from: followed by something other than disease. e.g. He died from a car accident.

Q.No.30 Successive means order or sequence
                Consequently= inconvenient result of a particular action or situation:
                Consequence= describes events, numbers, etc. that follow one after another without an interruption
                Beneficiary= a person or group who receives money, advantages,
                Victory= win
Q.No.31 Fatal means causing death
                Deadly=likely to cause death
                Factual= using or consisting of facts
                Poisonous=very harmful causing to ill or death

Q.No. 32   Bury means to put a dead body into the ground
                Embed=to fix something firmly into a substance
                Exhume=to remove a dead body from ground after buried

Q.No.33 incentive means encourage
                Bair=hunt or kill

Q.No.35 Cosy means comfortable and pleasant

Q.No.36 Yell=shout or make a loud noise
                 Whispered= a way of speaking very quietly       

Q.No.37 Unintelligible=not intelligible
 Indelible=describes a mark or substance that is impossible to remove by washing or in any other way:
Illegible= (of writing or print) impossible or almost impossible to read because of being very unclear or untidy
Incorrigible= bad and wrong behavior

Q.No.38 Schedule=a list of planned activities or things to be done
                 Agenda= a list of matters to be discussed at a meeting
Plan=a set of decisions about how to do something in the future:
Time table=a list of the times when events are planned to happen, especially the times when buses, trains and planes leave and arrive

Q.No.40 Commercial

Q.No.41 Vocabulary

Q.No.42 In the question shirt is subject, in the passive voice subject turns into object and the object to subject so “I” will be the subject in the passive voice so the answer is A

Q.No.46. the sentence is in present tense, we write present simple and present perfect sentence as combination
“The small child does whatever his father has done”

Q.No.46. in this question the order of the sentence is not correct if your sentence includes a statement about a question rather than a direct question, the subject should come before the verb.
And here the answer is A because do forms always takes first form of the Verb only

Q.No.47 for two people between, and for more among we use

Q.No.48 Though he is poor,he is honest.
Its correct sentence, its complex sentence which is from “He is poor but he is honest”

Q.No.50 Sweetest is superlative word so it takes article “the”

NOTE: The key is prepared to the best of my knowledge and there may be mistakes please bring to my notice if any corrections. Thanks to all

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