Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Footprints of India Post under one roof

Spears with jingles, used by mail runners, badges of types, postmen’s attire, record manual books, commemorative stamps released on different occasions, all related to the past and the present have been exhibited in the renovated Postal Museum at the Postal Training Centre, Nazarbad, in the city.

The museum with a new look was opened to mark the golden jubilee celebrations of the training centre that was started in the year 1965. Spears of types and equipment of types adorning the walls greet the visitors. While the spears are exhibited aplenty, stamps are on display according to the events, personalities and themes. The stamps released to mark the Independence of India on August 15, 1947, Swaraj among others form the event section, while the personalities from the fields of arts and cinema are a treat to watch. It includes that of Kannada matinee idol Dr Rajkumar, 100 years of Indian cinema, yesteryear’s actress Meenakumari and the list goes on.

Spears in those days were mostly used by mail runners, who used to deliver posts on foot enduring risks at times. Owing to the lack of transport facilities, the mail runners used to traverse through the toughest terrains, sometimes inside dense forests. So, spears came in handy, while the sound emitting from the jingle attached to it denoted the arrival of a postman. Mention must be made of the lanterns, seals, weights and measures, letter boxes, postmen’s attire that included a water can, record manuals, badges of types — brass, plastic and steel, all related to the bygone era.

Amidst a row of record manuals, ‘Order book on wellington SO (1868-1901)’, ‘Postal Manual (Ward) India,1937, ‘Rules related to money order for the Madras presidency’, ‘Postal Handbook Karnataka 1952’ are sure to attract the visitors.

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