Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How to Adjust MPCM Sticker Settings(Receipt Printing)

To day In my office The configurations of MPCM Receipt Sticker Configurations are changed while they are printing a receipt. In the new form the receipt is printed in two stickers instead of one. This will cause the wasting of MPCM stickers and these are very difficult to paste in articles. We used various methods to change the configurations Changing the printer test option in MPCM applications,Re installation of printer drivers. But these methods were not worked in this case. We contacted many system administrators but none of them came across this type of problem. This occurs due to the rapid change in the printer settings. In my office we are using TVS MSP 240 classic printers.

To solve the problem we must change the printer settings using front panel menu in the printer
Switch on the Printer

Put it in off line and hold the Font key for about 5 seconds to print the menu
In the menu we cane set the keys by using online key
Please set the keys by using online key
(ie in the Macros select Macro I, and in style selection select draft, in ptich select 10 cp1, and in page length select 3.67inch)
and go to Line spacing . In the line spacing menus select 8 LP1
and save the parameters by pressing the PITCH button in the front panel menu.
Then switch off and then on the printer. Then you will get correct MPCM sticker.
(Thanks to Tirur SA Pradeep & Vibin )

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  1. please solve this type of problem through screen shots or in video mode