Tuesday, August 13, 2013




1) Count and Display Accounts Opened between Two Dates for all Category.
2) Count and Display Accounts Closed between Two Dates for all Category.
3) Count and Display Accounts Transferred IN between Two Dates for all Category.
4) Count and Display Accounts Transferred OUT between Two Dates for all Category.
5) List of Transaction (LOT) view for all Category.
6) Ledger View for All categories.
7) Live Accounts Report.
8) Accounts Without Date of Open Report.
9) Accounts Without Depositor Name.
10) Account Number Not in Index for All Categories.
11) Accounts Out of Ledger Chart.
12) Find Invalid Accounts List.
13) Find and Delete Duplicate Accounts.
14) Minus Balance Report for all Categories.
15) Closed Accounts With Balance for All Categories.
16) Silent Accounts List.
17) Binder Number Corrections.
18) Modify HO/SO Transaction Dates.
19) Update DLT for All Categories.
20) Query for All Categories.
21) Find Invalid Entries in ACC/TRA Files.
22) Accounts-Wise Balance Report.
23) Interest Statement for SB, PPF, NSS-87 and NSS-92 Category.
24) Delete Transactions for a Perticular Date for all Category.
25) Clear Temporary Files.
26) Backup of Database.
27) Delete CDX/IDX Files.
28) Consolidation (SB-72) (Only Amount) for All Categories.
29) Summary Report (SB-63) for All Categories.
30) Transaction Summary for All Categories.

31) OBC Register Query.
32) NREGS Features
      a) NREGS Live Accounts.
      b) NREGS With Balance and Without Balance Report.
      c) NREGS LOT.
      d) NREGS Summary.
      e) NREGS Transaction Summary.
      f) NREGS Consolidation.
33) SBCO OM Register.
34) Closed PB Register.
35) Missing SB-3 Cards Register.
36) Will Follow Vouchers Register.
37) POSB ICS (ICS => Interest Calculating Software).DOWNLOAD

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