Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Release of eFMS Tools by SDC Chennai- dated 17/08/2013.

  It is observed that problems in disbursement of MGNREGS wages through
eFMS mostly due to the following reasons

a)      Incorrect / wrong mapping of MGNREGS accounts with Sanchay
Post Data during manual process

b)      Sanchay Post software issues like partial processing of FTO,etc

c)       Non availability of reports for FTOs processed and pending at
any instance

In order to overcome the above difficulties and to facilitate smooth
functioning of MGNREGS wage disbursement, two tools viz

1. eFMS Comparison Tool and
2. EFMS All in One Tool
were released by SDC, Chennai and is available in the link

Brief Description of the tools

1.       eFMS Comparison Tool

This tool facilitates automatic comparison of MGNREGS State Government
records with Sanchay Post Records available in Head Post Office
including its Sub Offices. Option to clear the discrepancies like
Incorrect Sanchay Post Code, Name, Invalid eMO Code is available in
the tool.

For more clarification kindly refer Readme file available in the above link.

2.       eFMS All in One Tool

a.       Several tools were released by SDC from time to time for
solving MGNREGS wage disbursement due to errors faced in Sanchay Post.
All these tools have been bundled and provided as one Tool.

b.      Reports relating to FTOs Processed/ Pending / Incompletely
processed are available in this tool. These reports will facilitate
the Post Offices to monitor the pendency and also to clear the same.

For more clarification kindly refer Readme file available in the above link.

Both these tools (1) and (2) if properly used will solve all major
issues and in case if any clarification is required kindly contact
044-28524482 or by mail to efmsindiapost@gmail.com


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