Saturday, November 30, 2013

CEPT Released ParcelNetUpdate29112013 for Meghdhoot 7.0
The new ParcelNet application  is designed to deal with the following kinds of Parcels booked with the Barcode. 

a)      Registered Parcels including Insured Parcels

b)      Express Parcels (proposed new service —to be launched on 02.12.2013)

c)       Business Parcels (Proposed new service— to be launched on 02.12.2013)

In addition, BNPL and COD facilities have been provided for registered Bulk customers of Business and Express Parcels.   For the purpose of bulk booking (both at Post Offices and proposed new Parcel Booking Centres), a new application BNPL-Parcel has been developed and the same has to be used for   bulk booking.

This ParcelNet automates all the processes in Parcel operations and also facilitates the end to end tracking.  With ParcelNet implementation the usage of Barcode on the articles mentioned above is COMPULSORY

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  1. Upload Excle sheet is not workig in this module.. all booind shows wrong . like if it is a booked for L means local even after that all articles value shown as a O -other states,..