Wednesday, April 23, 2014

eMO - General Printing Error after Upgrade 7.9.1 .

Meghdoot 7 Update 9.1 eMO Module Printing error.

 Issues Listed
After Update MM 7.9.1 ,In Some Offices ,the following eMO problem faced.
For every single eMO print in Operator login -> 2 eMO print out paper is coming (the same eMO no.)
For every single eMO reprint in Supervisor login -> 3 eMO print out paper is coming (the same eMO no.)
Even change the printer driver, printer (Epson LX300,LX1170,Laser Printner) or given print out from any systems, the same issue exists.


  1. Take eMO db backup
  2. Download the attached exl and run it through script tool
  3. Finally check the eMO print out
  4. Still eMO printing issue persists, Please Contact CEPT

Download Delete Duplicate eMO Office Name



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