Friday, April 4, 2014

Release of Meghdoot Update 7.9.1 for handling of Parcels.


Brief Description

On 29.11.2013, ParcelNet Update has been released in order to

a) deal with the new Parcel products viz., Express Parcels and Business Parcels.

b) have end to end electronic data in respect of Registered Parcels, Express Parcels and Business Parcels.

c) Automate the operations of Parcel Hubs/Express Parcel Hubs

Consequent to the original release on 29.11.2013, the ParcelNet update has been modified 4 times in order to provide additional features OR to rectify the issues noticed in implementation.

Now due to the following major modifications, ParcelNet Update is being released which is called as Update 9.1 to Meghdoot 7.0

a) Option to re-transmit booking information of COD articles

b) As per Directorate letter no. 30-7/2012-D dated 11-12-2013, Registered Book Packets, Registered Book Packets (Printed Papers), Registered Book Packets (Periodicals), Registered Sample Packet, Registered Blind Literature Packet have to be booked using the Parcel Barcodes.

c) Enquiry/Tracking option in BNPL Parcel, Despatch and Postman modules

d) Disaster Recovery option to deal with COD articles which are manually delivered and amount transmitted through eMO/Service Money Order/VPMO etc.

e) Disaster Recovery option to deal with Returned COD articles for which booking data was not available.

f) Allowing booking and delivery of Express Parcels only by the authorized offices

Besides the above changes in ParcelNet, necessary changes have been made to the eMO applications in order to transmit the data of IFS Money Orders paid, immediately without waiting for Window Submit Account in Postman module. Therefore, the Post Office cannot modify the Window eMO paid amount once it is shown as paid.

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