Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Post Office Calculator for PLI

PLI Calculator:

Features in this File:

  • Automatic calculation of Age at Next Date of Birth of Insurant, (And for spouse and child if applicable).
  • Restriction on Minimum & Maximum Age limits/Sum Assured limits and it's Denomination
  • Premium can be viewed at same time for all the possible maturity ages and for all schemes
  • Calculation of Approximate maturity amounts of EA policy for possible Ages, according to the entered Bonus
  • Automatic deduction of Rebate from Premium applicable for entered Sum assured amount.
  • Unique Rebate structure for Sum assured amount in respect of Yugal suraksha policy is configured.
  • Automatic calculation of equivalent age by Combination of both the spouses date of birth in Joint Life insurance
  • Intimation of Possibilitiy of Taking a children policy by combining Both Parent's and child's Date of Birth
  • Configuration of Policy period for Joint life insurance and Maturity age for Children policy as dropdown lists
  • Display of Warning messages for entry of incorrect data in respect of Minimum/Maximum/Multiples of SA; Minimum enty age; policy period in Yugal suraksha; maturity age in Children policy,etc.,
  • Display of "Help Notes" for all input details at yellow boxes, etc., 

POLI Rules 2011:
Premium tables:

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