Tuesday, January 1, 2013


  Update 5 to  eMO client has been put in PTC ftp site and the link is ftp://cept.gov.in/Meghdoot7/Updates/Update-5(NREG)/
A Readme file containing the instructions for installation is also available there.

Upgradation procedure for NREG in c/w eMO Client

·         Ensure that your emo database is already upgraded with version 7 update 3. In offices having Sanchay post latest version installed and NREGAEMO database is available, please upgrade the same with NREGAEMO script provided.
·         Stop eMO client exe if running. Replace existing eMOclient.exe available in eMO client installation path with new eMO client exe provided in upgradation.
·         For the first time, when you run new eMO client exe, it will prompt to enter Sanchay post server details as below.

·         Enter Sanchay post server name if Sanchay Post server is available in that office else select not available and click on OK.

Your system will now be ready for receipt of Sanchay post related files through eMO client from central server if server details were provided.

For adding Sanchay post codes, option is available in Divisional administrator web login of eMO. Reports regarding NREG are available under Reports menu.


Please select the eMO Office Name and update Sanchay post code used for that PO.

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