Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Post Office RPLI Calculator

RPLI Calculator:

Features in this File:

  • Home page is provided in the file to navigate from one type to another type of Policies
  • Premium amount is calculated both for Standard Age Proof and Non-Standard Age Proof policies
  • Premium amount is calculated Seperately for Monthly, Quarterly, Halfyearly & Yearly Premium Policies. 
  • Automatic calculation of Age at Next Date of Birth of Insurant. 
  • Restriction on Minimum & Maximum Age limits/Sum Assured limits and it's Denomination
  • Premium can be viewed at same time for all the possible maturity ages.
  • Calculation of Approximate maturity amounts for possible Ages, according to the entered Bonus,which is editable.
  • Automatic deduction of Rebate from Premium applicable for entered Sum assured amount.
  • Configuration of Policy period for Children policy as drop-down list.
  • Calculation of Total premium, Default Fee and Rebate amount for Monthly premium policy type.
  • Display of Warning messages for entry of incorrect data in respect of Minimum/Maximum/Multiples of SA; Minimum entry age;Maturity age in Children policy,etc.,
  • Display of "Help Notes" for all input details at yellow boxes, etc.,
  • Option is provided in the main page of excel file to Download the Latest Calculator, if any changes/corrections specified by users are made within a week.
  • Feedback Link is provided in Home Page to submit your view about this Calculator, Corrections to be made, etc.,