Monday, April 15, 2013

Interest Calculator updated 15/04/2013

Features in this File:

Updated on 15/04/2013:

  • In the Link "PPF Interest Calculation", Provision has been added to find out Eligible Loan and Withdrawal amount that can be taken in PPF account.
  • In the Link "Print Tables/Forms", Claim Forms for SB/SC and Application for Reinvestment of Maturity value, and Interest Rate Table (in Tamil) and link to access "Indiapost Forms page" are included

Updated on 01/04/2013:

  • New Interest rates w.e.f. 01/04/2013 configured for all schemes. 
  • Old interest rates can also be calculated by entering the concerned Date of opening 
  • RD PMC Calculator can be downloaded from RD "View More" link
  • "Print Tables/Forms" link is provided in Main calculator page to Print Ready reckoner tables for RD/TD/MIS and Pamphlet, Forms.
  • Updated on 06.11.2012:
  • Validation for KVP Date of Purchase (Now Date can be entered only from 01.03.2003 to 30.11.2011)
  • Feedback form modified.
  • Updated on 31.10.2012
  • Option for Entering Date of Opening of Accounts
  • Their Respective Maturity/Interest Amounts, A/c periods, Date of maturity,etc.,
  • Current status of A/c for Closure/PMC/extn., etc.,
  • Reduced Int. for TD, Bonus, Deductions, PMI details,etc.,
  • KVP discharge value calc,
  • SB,PPF,PMI calc,
  • PPF approx maturity value calc,
  • Easy Initialisation of Interest rates for schemes, if changed...
  • Option to download the latest excel calculator (if any), right from this excel file itself...  


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