Thursday, April 11, 2013

RNet Version 2.1 (For CRCs and BPCs) Released on 09/04/2013

The RNet application which has been developed based on the earlier CRC Application has been released on 22.07.2011.  Subsequently, MNOP concept has been implemented for Registered Articles/Bags.  During the implementation of RNet application and MNOP concept, suggestions have been received from various CRCs/Divisions/R.O.s/Circles for enhancement of the options available in RNet application. The suggestions approved by Mails Division of the Directorate (which are mentioned in detail later in this document) have been incorporated in RNet application.
Further few suggestions have been received to optimize the usage of Despatch module for the purpose of BPCs and MBCs and these changes approved by Directorate are also incorporated in the Despatch module to be implemented in BPCs and MBCs.   Hence this release.


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