Thursday, February 6, 2014


1.       What is Data Profiling tool (DPT)
Data profiling tool is computer software application/program developed by M/s Infosys to find out the discrepancies in the currently running database of Sanchay Post application. This application can be installed and executed as per instructions issued by SDC, Chennai.

2.       Output of Data Profiling Tool
Data profiling tool generates and provides the data discrepancies outcome in form of CSV files. Out of the generated CSV files one encrypted file is generated containing “_ency.csv” characters. The file name will be prefixed with some other characters also.  Example:

Overall Summary Report 8 Jun 2013 13.9.58_ency.csv
The file containing “_ency.csv” characters is the encrypted file and cannot be read. Any attempt to modify this file will corrupt the file. For reading purpose non-encrypted file is also generated by the tool.

3.       What is PO Code
The PO code is code assigned to all Head Post offices and Sub Post offices under CBS Monitoring Web Site. This code is prefixed with the PIN code of the respective office. The offices which are able to login in the CBS Monitoring web site can simply find this code in the first page of web site itself which is reflected as “OFFICE CODE” in the right top corner.

4.       What is to be Done

a.       Rename the encrypted file generated by Data Profiling Tool
The file name for encrypted file is to be changed in the following format
PO CODE + _ency.CSV
Example: For Ajmer HO the file shown in step 2 will be renamed as
NOTE: If the file is not properly renamed or encrypted file is not used , the decoder application at Directorate will 
reject the file and will not be used for uploads.
b.      Email the renamed encrypted file

·         `The Subject of the e-mail should be CBSMON only. The emails with any other subject characters will be rejected by the decoder application.
·         Attach the Renamed Encrypted file to the mail.
·         Send E-Mail to

5.       What happens at Directorate.
The files received at above email Id will be received, the attachments will be downloaded and decrypted. The data files for CBS Monitoring web site will be created through the decrypted files and then the data files will be uploaded at the CBS Monitoring web site by next working date.

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