Friday, February 7, 2014

Reasons for non receipt of Electronic data for COD articles.


 With regard to the issue of non receipt of electronic data by the Post Offices, various reasons noticed by CEPT and the solutions for the same are furnished below.

Two Script to be run by Post Offices which will solve the upgradation mistakes done by the Post Offices.

Reasons for non receipt of Electronic data for COD articles

Non upgradation of ParcelNet software.
The ParcelNet update is kept available for downloading by all the Post offices in ftp site of CEPT at location All the Post Offices have to download and upgrade their software to the ParcelNet Update.

Non upgradation of the ParcelNet software, successfully.
If any errors are being displayed while doing upgradation, the log folder has to be sent to CEPT for analysis and suitable solution. 
The Delivery Post Offices are changing their office type in Point of Sale module
The Office type of all Delivery Post Offices shoule be selected as "Post Office" in Point of Sale module. This option is available for  Point of Sale Supervisor in Environment option).
eCounter Dababase was not upgraded properly
An eCounter database script containing all the earlier scripts is attached herewith. Please cause to run the same in all the Post Offices.
Booking information is not available in the Central Server, even though the articles are booked through the system. This can be due to errors in creation of messages/transmission of messages.
The Booking offices have to check the ParcelNet Website on daily basis and ensure that the articles booked by them on previous day are reflecting in the Booking MIS report.  If any deviation is there, they need to take up the issue with CEPT, so that CEPT can provide solution for transmission of data.

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