Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Agents Report Package for RD Customer Package .

 Agent Report is a small but very useful reporting tool for RD agents developed by Shri. Sivakumar N. System Administrator, Kollam Division, Kerala. This software is an extension for RD Customer Package software developed by SDC Chennai.  Only RD schedule in ASLASS 6 form can be prepared in the RD Customer package, no other reports can be taken from RD Customer Package.  By using this Agent Report software along with RD Customer Package, an agent can prepare monthly application to be submitted for getting incentive from State Government or respective authorities.  Monthly report can be taken in Malayalam or in English format.  Pay in Slip (SB-103) and Commission voucher (ACG 17) for each RD schedule can be printed from Agent Report software.  This tool makes report from RD Customer Package Database, so there is no need for further data entry.


For Windows Vista/ 7 and above                                                                

For Windows XP and Below


Following are the prerequisites for installing this software.  All these modules except RD Customer Package are included in the Setup file so no need to install these things manually.

  1. .Net Framework 2.0
  2. Crystal Report engine for .Net 2.0
  3. Access Runtime
  4. RD Customer Package

Installation Procedure

Run the Setup file as Administrator and accepts licence agreement of all prerequisites module if it is not already installed in the system.  Then specify the path of RD Customer Package software installed in the system (Default path will be C:\Program Files\RD Customer package) and then finish the installation process.  Deployment will be done automatically and shortcut will be displayed both in Desktop and program menu.


            Click on ‘Agent Details’ check box and update the Name, Address and other details about the agency for full reports from Agent Report Software.

Sivakumar N
System Administrator
Karunagappally HPO
Kollam, Kerala 690518

            Various screenshots of Agent Report software
Pay-In-Slip & ACG17
Monthly Summary – Malayalam

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