Friday, December 20, 2013

Speednet 4.1 Released by CEPT Mysore.

Speednet Version 4.1.1:

I. Introduction:

Release of Version 4.1.1 is necessitated due to the launch of Express Parcels as a replacement for the existing product of Express Parcel Post (EPP) w.e.f 02.12.2013.

Hence, Speednet Version 4.1.1 will, as such, not have any references to the old product viz., Express Parcel Post (EPP).

II. Pre-requisites:

1. For Fresh Installation:
i) SpeedNet Server: NIL
ii) SpeedNet Client: NIL
iii) SpeedNet Communication:
a) . Net Framework 2.0 or higher
b) Windows Installer 3.1 or higher

2. For Upgradation:

i) SpeedNet Server Version 3.1
ii) SpeedNet Client Version 3.1.2 Update 6 Release date: 01/10/2012
SpeedNet Client Version 3.2 Beta (Released to Sorting / IC Hubs for Bulk Delivery)
SpeedNet Client Version 4.0 Release dated 10.06.2013 (Released for testing of SP-COD and BRSP)
SpeedNet Client Version 4.0 Released on 12.09.2013
SpeedNet Client Version 4.1 Released on 31.10.2013
iii) For Post Offices:
In addition to the above, Update 8 to Meghdoot 7.0 for SP-COD operations

Note: Fresh Installation for SpeedNet Communication is mandatory even for upgradation.

III. Instructions for Fresh Installation / Upgradation:

Speednet 4.1.1 continues the feature of Single-point Installation/Upgradation, which was introduced with Speednet 4.0.

1. For Fresh Installation:

i) Download SpeedOne Installer.exe for installing SpeedNet 4.1.1 Server / Client / Communication modules.
ii) Copy the SpeedOne Installer.exe to a simple directory/folder path viz., C:\, D:\ etc to avoid deep path errors.
iii) Ensure old cab files are deleted from Windows directory, before attempting fresh installation to avoid errors
like Insert disk ‘x’, etc.
iv) Ignore errors relating to MSDART.dll, MSJRO.dll, MSADOX.dll, etc occurring during installations.
v) Ensure that the folder paths of Speednet Server and EMSClient are shared with full permissions before
attempting client configuration.

2. For Upgradation:

i) Download SpeedOne Updater.exe for upgrading the existing version of Speednet to Speednet 4.1.1.
ii) Copy the SpeedOne Updater.exe to the Speednet folder in the client system and run it from there.
iii) DB upgradation is only a one-time job and will be avoided on multiple client machines, if Speednet
Communication is run immediately after first-time upgradation to Speednet 4.1.1.
This also ensures that the version messages are created and login to Speednet Client is not restricted.
iv) Check log entries for any issues/error/problem during DB upgradation.
Log files generated at the time of execution of scripts will be available under
Speednet --> DB Scripts --> Logs folder.
v) Non-ePayment offices may ignore errors generated during execution of script file relating to POSPCC COD script.
vi) Offices other than Post offices may ignore errors generated during execution of script file for Counter database.
vii) In case of problems during local DBs (.mdb files), copy the BNPLDataCorrection_exe and TBNPL.snt file
from Speednet --> Speednet Client folder to Speednet folder, rename the BNPLDataCorrection_exe
as BNPLDataCorrection.exe and run it once again to complete upgradation for local DBs.
viii) SP-COD, BRSP and Bulk Delivery Menu’s are disabled by default.
Use the Supervisor --> Master --> Duty Allocation --> Modify option to enable these menu options.
ix) Complete the configuration required for SP-COD under the Supervisor --> Master --> Environment
--> My Office Details & Folder paths options. For details, refer the COD PPT available in the Documents folder.

IV. Feedback:

Please use the following as subject to the mail, for reporting any issues/problems or sending feedback on Speednet 4.1.1

SpeedNet Version 4.1.1 – Feedback / Error report -

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