Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Parcel Net Update Solutions date :16-12-2013.

Solutions for issues noticed in ParcelNet Update dated 29.11.2013
Solutions date :  16-12-2013.


Note:  These solutions have been incorporated in the original ParcelNetUpdate dated 29.11.2013 also.   Therefore, the offices which are downloading the original ParcelNetUpdate dated 29.11.2013 now, need not apply these solutions.

Post offices/Parcel Booking Centres:
Revised Format of Excel File:  The Excel file format has been revised and the revised format is also kept in the ftp site.  The following precautions have to be taken care while uploading excel file
a)      The Column names and the format should be exactly the same as attached herewith.
b)      Ensure that no commas are there in the excel file
c)       Sheet Names should not be changed and sheet1 should contain the data of articles
d)      Article Type and Tariff Category should be as per the codes given in Sheet2 and Sheet3 of the excel file

Problem Noticed/New Suggestion
BNPL Parcel
Error relating to weight of the article
a)  Replace the PBC_Project exe with new one  
b)  run BNPL Parcel.exl.  

Tariff of Business Parcel in case of weight more than 5 Kg

Booking Report is not coming for printing

Removal of all restrictions on Minimum number of characters in Excel File.

Allowing special characters in Excel File.  All characters except  Comma (,), single quote (‘) and double quote (“) are allowed.

Booking Report needs to show the tariff (Postage) for each article and Total tariff for the entire day.

 Provision for Minimization of the Booking Screen

Non availability of ePayment PO Codes
Run BNPLPOCodes.exl Files available inside BNPL POCodes Folder

Point of Sale
Barcode Prefix checking for Registered Parcels
Replace Point of Sale exe

Class Factory Error
Replace Point of Sale exe and other Dll files and register the dll files

Blocking the booking of eMOs to Nepal
Run eMO07122013.exl

Non fetching of Bag Close data into Despatch List and other issues in Despatch module
Replace Despatch.exe and run Counter.exl

Abstract Report is not getting generated

Provision for closing of Bags with previous day’s deposit articles

Direct Bagging facility to the PBCs authorized by Direcotrate:

Bag opening taking too  much time
Replace the Postman exe with the new one and Run Postman.exl file

Error at the time of Day End

While opening the Bag, the focus is going to Close Button

Option for Postman supervisor to request for electronic data in case of non receipt of electronic data from Central Server

Separate Accounting for Express Parcel and Business Parcel COD Amounts at Payment Offices
Replace Treasurer.exe and run both exl files

Parcel Hubs/Express Parcel Hubs:

Problem Noticed
ParcelNet Client
Channel HTTP Error in ParcelNet Communication

Replace the below files in ParcelNet Communication folder and Run the exe.
a)  ptcmyscs_root.cer
b)  RegisterCACft.exe

Articles received through Un-usual bag are not getting saved
Replace new exe and run the script file using the Script tool.  Then give request for latest hub master and office master

Consolidated abstract not coming

ParcelNet Communication
Certificate error
Replace ParcelNet Communication exe with the new one

ParcelNet Server
Some L-1 Parcel Hubs are not coming for Bag closing
Request for latest Hub master data

Provision to enter the eBiller ID, in case BNPL registration is completed without entering eBiller ID (Parcel COD Biller ID)
Login to ParcelNet Website with Divl. Administrator login and use Modify Registration option.

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