Wednesday, January 15, 2014

COD Articles Invoicing Issue due to wrong PIN Code captured at the time of booking.

  Some Circles had brought to the notice of the Directorate the problem faced with delivery of COD amount received with Business Parcel COD articles in post offices due to wrong entry of PIN Codes of Delivery post office at the time of booking of these articles. As a result, even though the article has reached the correct delivery post office, the office concerned has not been able to extract the information relating to COD amount etc, invoice the article and take further action in the matter.

In order to solve the problems stated above, a script has been prepared by CEPT and kept on their FTP site (of CEPT). The script (Invoice_CODArticles.exl),  which will allow invoicing of COD parcels without validating the pincode of the office.


 Post offices can download the same from the Postman folder of “SolutionsToParcelNetUpdate” available in ftp site. Once the script is run by the Post Offices, all COD articles in respect of which electronic data is available, can be invoiced and delivered through that Post Office, even though the pincode of the post office does not match with the delivery pincode selected at the time of booking.

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