Thursday, January 2, 2014

IFS MO Payment from Post Offices : Queries & Solutions.

IFS MO Payment from Post Offices : Queries & Solutions
IFS MO downloaded but not available for printing.
Please upgrade the office properly and sequentially from Megdoot 7.0
 to latest 7.9. The updates are available in the ftp site. Please ensure
compliance to proper procedure and pre-requisite mentioned in the
release documents.
IFS MO downloaded, printed but not available for payment.
Ifs.dll not found.
IFS MO Paid through window but payment head not displayed in daily account.
Error Message: Could not connect to remote server.
At times server may be busy; please try later.
IFS MO available for invoicing but not available for reprinting.
After printing the IFS MO moves to the window payment option
 only and it shall not be available for the invoicing to the beats.
eMO client registration failed.
Please re-register following due procedure. Please do the following.
1.      Get the web registration done by Divisional Administration, in case
2.      of Hardware change & Software corruption, and get the correct
3.       user id and password.
2. Run the emoResetRegistration.exl file in eMO client machine using
 script tool (it will reset the existing client registration).
3.Register the eMO client using the user id and password.
4. Ensure that the security certificate is registered already. If the above
 process is carried on properly the office will be registered. If it is registered
 it should appear in the eMO website in registered offices list.
Error Message: Transport level security issue
Please do the certificate registration if you have not done it. Double
click on the RegisterCACft.exe available in installation folder of Emo
 Client to install the required certificate. It will show a Security Warning
 Dialog with contents “You are about to install a certificate from a
certification authority claiming to represent: ptcmysoretest ….”.
Here click Yes.Browse the emo web site from the eMO client machine.
 The page should display without certificate error.
IFS MO not available for download.
After download of the IFS MO, a messae is coming intimating the
successful download. Once downloaded it will not be available for
download again. Moreover if the MO is downloaded at other offices
then alos it will not be available for download.

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