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                In the changed scenario, modernization of Post office is mandatory to give enhanced service to the costumer, by avoiding duplication of work, better staff management with cost efficiency. For those modernization following methodologies are essential to implement the IT modernization of India Post, and for every below fields, vendors are called and approved by the department of Posts, India. I write this article to the common staffs of department of posts to know easily about the future course of action of our department under IT modernization


11.   Rural ICT Hardware Provider.

Providing infrastructure like hand held device, mobile transmission infrastructures to the rural sub  post offices including BOs. M/s Infosys is signed as vendor

22.  Rural ICT mobile device platform provider – Supplying mobile hand held device software to the rural POs _ M/s Infosys is signed as vendor

  3. Core System Integrator (Except Banking and PLI) – Integrating and maintaining the software and datas for Mails, staff management, Accounts and auditing M/s TCS is signed as vendor

44.       Financial System Integrator (For Banking and PLI) – Integrating and maintain the software and datas for Savings Bank operations(CBS Finacle), PLI and RPLI & ATM installations – M/s INFOSYS is signed as vendor

55.        Data centre Facility – proposed to maintain the centralized main server at PTC mysore and back  server at Mumbai – M/s Reliance is signed as vendor

66.       Network Integrators – connecting all the post office thro network – SIFY is signed as vendor

77.    Mail office Hardware supply – Supplying required infrastructure for 15000 postmen like hand held devices and hard ware for Mail offices and TMOs _ Still no vendor is nominated

88.     Change Management – Project management units (PMUs) shall be deployed upto regional level to suggest innovative ideas to grow better and effective management to the Postal administrators. – M/s Sai is nominated for that purpose as vendor

CBS implementation
CBS(Core Banking solutions) is one of the areas for FSI, and to migrate to the CBS finacle following pre migration activities like, Database discrepancies cleaning, Circle processing centres(CPC), Signature scanning are required to the migrate the sanchay post data to the CBS finacle centralized server server. PLI/RPLI credit particulars updation are also in FSI and that’s why we are obtaining and updating the omitted credit particulars of PLI/RPLI nowadays.

Need for CBS,
1. Cost efficiency ( For every Banking deposit/withdrawal transaction Nearly Rs 45-50 cost is occurred ) After IT modernization implementation thro ATM (Rs 15-18) and by net banking we could do transactions for Rs4)

2. Improved customer service – By alternate channels like ATM, net banking, mobile banking we could serve 24*7*365 to the customers
Value add on services like, SMS alerts, eBanking, eCommerce facilities can be offered to the postal customers

By assigning Customer Identification File No(CIF) detect multiple accounts of the depositor can be detected, opened across the india.
Avoidance of submitting kyc documents whenever open the accounts by indicating the CIF no (Customer Identification File number assigned by CBS software)

4. Electronic Payment systems like NEFT(National electronic fund transfer), RTGS(Real time gross settlement) facilities can be enabled to the customers to transfer the funds of their account to inter/intra bank beneficieries.

Benefits to the Department
1.       Financial inclusion can be effected efficiently up to the bottom line of the people
2.       Better decision making by centralized server MIS (Management Information system)
3.       Reduction of cost and availability of man power for redeployment in marketing and other revenueg generating capabilities
4.       Increased Productivity and accountability
For employees:
1.       Learn, build and enhance new skills and experiences,
2.       Reduction in Manual work and enhance productivity
3.       IT enabled services to avoid customer complaints
4.       Opportunity to work in an innovation based culture like Banking sectors
5.       Growth and strong Auditing

In FSI(Financial system integrator), for banking activities, CBS finacle software is designed by the INFOSYS, and gradually rolling out to the Pilot offices like greames road P.O, Karaikkudi HPO etc.,
                After migration to CBS finacle the following important differences are there with our regular Sanchay Post software. Visit this site to read the differences

                In the changing scenario, change is the only thing unchangeable. Department of Post is also not exceptional. By implementing IT enabled services, definitely shortage of staffs shall be eliminated and department is assured not to lift the excess man power and to utilize them for marketing and other growth oriented activities. To survive our best in the twin challenges like increasing competition and continuing advances in communication technology, IT modernization is much essential to uphold the 160 years glories of india post.

Source : Various articles of DOP regarding IT modernization
Shortened and compiled by, K.Kalimuthu PM Grade I, Madurai

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Can you suggest link for complaining against the method of implementation of the above CBS and the inefficiency of people AT Post Office and poor quality of server, due to which lot of people are facing issues in paying their monthly Recurring instalments, since September 2015, in Mumbai